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Solis S5 & S6 Inverter & EON EL5W Battery Pairing 


EON Lithium batteries are fully compatible with the Solis S5 and S6 5K-8K hybrid inverters. This guide outlines the procedure to install and commissioning a Hubble battery with the Solis hybrid inverter.



Quick Step Overview 

  1. Login to the inverters Bluetooth admin 

  2. Select the “Settings” menu option. 

  3. Select the “Battery Setting” menu item. 

  4. Select “Battery Setting” menu item. 

  5. Select the battery option “Lithium battery LV” option and “Save”. 

  6. Connect the CAN Cable can as per connection diagram

Solis Inverter

Solis Inverter Installation Guide

Download the inverter guide to view all the information.

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  • Step 1: Once logged into Bluetooth, select “Settings”

  • Step 2: Select the “Battery Setting” menu item 

Solis App
Solis App

Detailed Step-By-Step Guide

  • Step 3: Select the “Battery Setting” menu​

  • Step 4: Select “Lithium battery LV” option & “Save”.

Solis App
Solis App
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Required CAN Cable

NB. The S5-EH1P6K model requires a firmware update booked with Solis support

Battery Power
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